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Jayden Seracino opened MyoActive Performance in 2021 with the intention of creating a leading-edge gym facility that combines the best of health and wellbeing with strength and conditioning. The facility boasts top-of-the-line gym equipment, a team of highly trained staff, and a private gym facility for rehab and performance that is open to the public.

Jayden Seracino has been a leader in the health and fitness industry since graduating in 2014. With extensive experience working alongside top athletes, including the West Coast Eagles, Olympic athletes, and professional athletes, Jayden has honed his skills in manual therapy and strength and conditioning to provide his clients with the highest level of care.

As a passionate and dedicated professional, Jayden strives to help his clients achieve optimal health and wellness through a personalized approach that is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and goals. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, Jayden has the knowledge and expertise to help you reach your full potential and achieve your desired outcomes.


Natalie Tennent is a highly skilled and passionate Strength and Movement specialist with over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. Nat received her degree from Deakin University and has since gained extensive experience in various fitness disciplines, including group classes, HIIT, and Pilates.

Nat has led Pilates classes for a range of clients and has worked with individuals and groups of all fitness levels. Her diverse experience has allowed her to develop a unique training approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.

Recently, Nat competed in a fitness competition and placed 3rd, showcasing her dedication to her own training and her ability to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals. Her bubbly personality and passion for helping others make her a sought-after trainer, and her clients consistently rave about her personalized approach and positive energy.

Natalie Tennant


David has worked for many years as a personal trainer and high-performance strength & conditioning coach. David holds multiple degrees in exercise science and nutrition and is also a qualified physiotherapist with a wealth of experience in exercise prescription and working around pain and injury.

Since graduating from Deakin University, David has helped hundreds of clients from all athletic backgrounds and skill levels to improve their fitness, strength, body composition, and overall health and wellness. His broad list of clients includes work with professional basketball and netball teams, competitive bodybuilders, local sporting teams, younger and older athletes, and those with chronic health conditions such as stroke or cardiorespiratory conditions.

David himself is a regular runner and gym-goer with a special interest in running performance and injury prevention strategies. His training experience and involvement in academic research means that his training and coaching advice is always effective, practical, and backed by the latest scientific evidence.

Taylor Burnett


Taylor is an experienced Personal Trainer and S&C Coach with a strong focus on Exercise Rehabilitation and Athlete Development. 

Since graduating in 2011, Taylor has worked closely with The Melbourne Boomers, Collingwood Football Club, various National and International Athletes, as well as at The Australian Open. He has also been a Practicing Myotherapist since 2014, where he utilises both skill sets to help his patients.

He started off his Personal Training career with a strong focus on body transformations, and then through further studies moved into coaching high-level athletes and helping them overcome and prevent injuries. With his sprinting background, he is often enlisted to help competitive sports men and women to develop speed and power through Plyometric Training and Strength Training.

Taylor has a passion for helping anyone achieve their health and fitness goals. His experience and dual skillset is what ensures you are getting the best level of care and are getting fast and effective results. 


Lewis is an experienced Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whether for rehabilitation or physical performance. Lewis thoroughly enjoys working with athletes of all calibres having worked with elite athletes from many sporting codes.

Movement is medicine, and these are words Lewis takes into his practice. Lewis worked as a personal trainer for years before becoming a Physiotherapist. Now, he utilises his vast exercise experience to fast track and comprehensively rehabilitate anyone he treats. Lewis combines his manual therapy skills for pain relief and increasing range of motion, including massage, joint mobilisations and dry needling. Lewis will then use his vast exercise experience to ensure an efficient exercise rehabilitation plan to return to work, sport or any goals faster, all whilst reducing the risk of future injury. 

Lewis Physiotherapist
Osteopath Burwood East


Dr. Matthew Snowball is a highly credentialed Osteopath & Personal Trainer who with a rigorous five-year Osteopathy double degree under his belt, brings a wealth of expertise and a profound commitment to patient well-being.
His journey into the realm of musculoskeletal health was preceded by the successful
completion of a three-year Bachelor's degree in Exercise Sport Science, which laid the foundation for his curiosity and Osteopathy career to flourish in passions of exercise, injuries, anatomy and management.

Matthew has always had a love for sport and physical activities. While his competitive sporting days of football, soccer and cricket may be behind him, he continues to engage in daily exercise including a disciplined gym regimen along with golf and runs with his golden retriever Harlow.