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Searching online for ‘gym near Glen Waverley?’ You’ve come to the right place.

MyoActive Performance (Burwood East location) is conveniently located nearby to Glen Waverley – being a short drive away and easily accessible via public transport and plenty of car parking.

We’re open 5am till midnight 7 days a week so you can train at a gym near Glen Waverley at any time of the day or night at MyoActive!

Check out what our MyoActive Performance gym has to offer below – including our quality range of gym facilities, allied health services and more.

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  • $10/Week
    • $0 Joining Fee
    • $10 Access Card
    • Free Gym Towel & Shaker
    • 52 weeks minimum term


  • $18/Week
    •  $0 Joining Fee
    • $10 Access Card
    • No Locked-In Contract
    • 4 weeks minimum term


  • $25/Week
    • $0 Joining Fee
    • $10 Access Card
    • Includes Reformer Pilates
    • 12 weeks minimum term

SAVE $386

  • $450/Year
    • $0 Joining Fee
    • $10 Access Card
    • Includes Program RRP $250
    • Free Gym Towel & Free Shaker

At MyoActive Performance, we take a different approach to fitness. Local fitness training in Burwood East. We believe that personal attention and expertise are essential to help our members achieve their goals. That’s why all of our personal trainers are not just fitness experts, but also health professionals.

You can be confident that your program is tailored to your individual needs and goals, and you’ll be working with someone who understands your body and can help you avoid injury.

What’s more, we cap our membership numbers to ensure that you never have to wait for equipment or fight for space. At MyoActive Performance, you’ll experience a more exclusive and personalised gym environment.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience, so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals. Join us today and experience the MyoActive Performance difference for yourself!

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Discover the epitome of elite fitness at MyoActive Performance, your go-to destination for a premium gym experience. Gone are the days of ordinary workouts – at MyoActive Performance, we redefine fitness by prioritizing your strength and performance goals through an exclusive array of classes, private training, and access to our state-of-the-art facility from 5 am to midnight, seven days a week. Residents of Glen Waverley are cordially invited to experience our unparalleled fitness haven in Burwood East with a complimentary 5-day guest pass.

Meet Exceptional Professional Trainers in a Distinctive Setting

Embrace the journey to your fitness peak at MyoActive Performance, where we’ve transformed the gym-going experience into a luminous and expansive environment. Our Burwood East location boasts a team of highly qualified trainers, each possessing a minimum of 5 years of training expertise, with many holding post-graduate degrees and showcasing their skills in national-level athletic competitions.

Our dedicated coaches and professionals offer dynamic personalised training sessions, rehabilitation support, and consultations. Elevate your fitness journey with a comprehensive health assessment, track your progress with our cutting-edge expert guidance on nutrition. At MyoActive Performance, we prioritize your well-being with a commitment to excellence.

Flexible Memberships Tailored for You

Experience fitness without constraints at MyoActive Performance. We continually upgrade our equipment to provide the best services to you. Bid farewell to long-term contracts – train with us on your terms, aligning with the rhythm of your life effortlessly.

Your Exclusive Fitness Haven from 5 am to Midnight, Seven Days a Week

MyoActive Performance, stands as a testament to an environment that genuinely supports transformation. Our ethos revolves around fostering a culture that entices both members and staff, with many transitioning from enthusiasts to fitness professionals.

Engagement, encouragement, and motivation are the hallmarks of MyoActive Performance, setting us apart from other Glen Waverley gyms. Rather than training in isolation, MyoActive Performance becomes a rendezvous for kindred spirits, ensuring you stay on track.

Anticipate a Fitness Revolution at MyoActive Performance

Immerse yourself in a myriad of invigorating fitness challenges at MyoActive Performance, near Glen Waverley. 

Embark on a transformative journey with us – a Burwood East gym that transcends the ordinary. MyoActive Performance awaits to welcome you into our fitness family, replete with nutritional guidance, cutting-edge equipment, allied health services, rehabilitation trainers, and a commitment to your goals, without any binding contracts.

Contact MyoActive Performance Gym today and elevate your fitness experience to new heights.